“Forum” - Over 10 years of experience
in the field of customs Clearance

“Forum” official sponsor of the Dynamo volleyball club of the Leningrad region.

The company is included in the list of customs representatives approved by FTC Russia from 01/03/2016. Certificate number №1117
Our requisites

Customs clearance and logistics services with the company “Forum” is always a carefully executed and well-planned project, monitored at each stage. We have a comprehensive approach to solving problems, which allows us to quickly and accurately achieve our goal.

Our Company “Forum” is:

Shipment control at each stage
Turnkey document preparation
Tailor-made solutions for every customer
Consultancy support
Shipping Insurance
Legal support of transactions

Our Aim – is to find the best possible solution to your problem through a comprehensive analysis of the situation identifying strengths and the formation of an objective view of the problem.

REPUTATION We handle with care the most valuable cargoes og our customers.

Our capital — is the status of reliable partner and impeccable reputation, the foundation of which are honesty, respect and a sincere desire to provide full support in solving the most difficult issues.

EXPERIENCE we know the shortest ways

The distance does not matter only if there is no confidence in choosing the right way. Experience and knowledge allow us to be a reliable task navigator in the partner’s business goals. We can analyze and process large arrays of information, build optimizes rotes and always have a backup plan.

STRATEGY we never stand still

Anticipate the result – to understand and avoid possible risks at the stage of setting the task. At the same time, even the most standard processes will not become routine for us. We think broadly and are not afraid to go forward.

SOLUTIONS The only definition of our solutions is the correctness of those

Thousands of tons of cargo, millions of kilometers of roads, air routes and nautical miles excellent proof that we are a recognized expert in customs clearance. To achieve such high level of expertise has become possible due to prompt actions and an integrated approach to solving diverse tasks.

The Result we are the team

Our sincere belief, our basic goal is the predicable result of each project which is a consequence of high professionalism. We do not think in patterns; therefore, the solution of each task is the result of an individual approach and well-coordinated team actions.

Even the most difficult task can be solved if you see it in full. Our goal is to find the best solution to your problem through a comprehensive analysis of the situation, identifying strengths and the formation of an objective view of the situation. Thanks to this, we can reduce distances, overcome difficult obstacles, shorten time and optimize costs.

The experience of the company "Forum" allows us to speak with confidence about speciality and advantages of our company in a competitive transportation market. The principles of our company are honesty, responsibility, professionalism at all levels of the organization, reliability and financial transparency.
Forum guarantees high quality of the service provided. Development of non-standard solutions that provide the most favorable conditions for business partnership, customer care and upholding customer interests when interacting with all the structures involved in the process of transportation and cargo clearance are all distinctive features of our company.

“Forum” – an expert number 1 in matters of conducting XXXX. Entrust your business to the FORUM, and we guarantee the best result.