CUSTOMS CLEARANCE We take responsibility. We minimizing the risks. We offer solutions. We guarantee the result.

We appreciate your time, we are ready to take responsibility for the effective implementation of customs clearance. A team of high qualified specialists will offer optimal solutions both for simple and for extremely complicated tasks.

“Forum” is your customs representative offering a full range of customs clearance services.

“Forum” is a recognized guarantor in professional and prompt declaration of goods and vehicles, which is the main condition of ensuring the safeties of goods and meeting deadlines.

We provide professional services in the field of customs clearance in accordance with Customs legislation of Customs Union and legislation of Russian Federation, acting without restrictions on the types of customs operations and the region of activity, as well as on types of processed goods in accordance with HS EAEC.

  • Preparation of the file with documents for Customs declaring procedure
  • Identifying of the codes of
  • Accurate calculation
    of Customs payments
  • Payment of Customs
    duties and fees
  • Confirmation of Customs value
  • Process structuring for successful
    Customs inspection
  • Customs clearance of goods

Customs declaration of goods - a statement by the declarant to the customs authority of information about the goods, the customs procedure and other information necessary for the release of goods

  • Import trade;
  • Export trade;
  • Temporary admission/export of goods;
  • Reimport/Reexport;
  • Customs warehouse;
  • Customs transit and more.


  • Avia from 2 days, from $5.5 per kg
  • Auto from 5 days, from $3.5 per kg
  • Railway from 18 days, from $2 per kg
  • Sea from 35 days, from $1.5 per kg

CONTAINER SHIPPING Globally. Individually. Optimally.

Shipping of goods in containers is one of the best and safest ways of delivery from anywhere in the world to any region of Russia.

Shipping container is the most convenient and reliable packaging for a wide range of types of cargo: from medical equipment to auto parts, from consumer goods to household appliances and production equipment, from hazardous materials and substances to very heavy and oversized cargo.

We offer:

Booking the required number of containers
Preparation of cargo for transportation, packing and loading into containers
Filling out of shipping documentation
Sending container on the best route
Tracking the location of shipment during transportation
Organization of interaction with state control and customs services
Terminal handling in seaports
Delivery to the destination and unloading to the warehouse of the recipient of goods from the container

Shipping by road Thousands of routes. From door to door. As quickly as possible.

It is most convenient to use road transport, when shipping cargo over small and medium distances in short amount of time. The developed route network and reliable vehicles guarantee the safety of the cargo upon delivery “from door to door”, as well as minimal time costs

A distinctive feature of our approach to the organization of transportation is the comprehensive support and support along the entire route of the cargo. Assessment of the road situation allows us to quickly adjust the planned route in order to meet delivery times.

AIR SHIPPING Delivery of goods from anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time. This type of transportation is suitable for the delivery of small quantities of goods, subject to the urgency of delivery.

Delivery is carried out on:

  • LED Customs;
  • SVO Customs;
  • DME Customs;
  • VKO Customs

RAILWAY SHIPPING We provide services for the organization of railway transport both in the territory of the Russian Federation and in foreign countries. Especially in high demand international rail shipments for goods coming from the countries of Southeast Asia and China.


  • Transit time from 17 to 25 days, depending on the port of exit and the chosen route;
  • Weather independence;

Arrival station:

  • Khovrino
  • Vorsino
  • Kupavna
  • Podsolnechnaya
  • Silikatnaya

Domestic rail shipping is used for the delivery of goods released for free circulation to any point of the country.


  • Low cost compared to auto delivery;
  • Minimization of risks for the export of heavy freights exceeding 21 tons

ACCOUNTING SUPPORT Our qualified specialists will provide advice, additional control over accounting to a participant foreign economic activity

LEGAL SUPPORT The Forum customs representative has many years of experience in successfully representing his clients ’legal interests:

  • Consultations and recommendations on drawing up a foreign trade contract;
  • Consultation on the preparation of the file with documents to be submitted to the Customs authority to confirm the Customs value;
  • Consultations on Customs legislation, based on the practical experience of Customs declaring procedure and foreign economic activities;
  • Representing the interests of the client; Arbitration practice

CERTIFICATION Our company provides services for obtaining permits required for the release of goods for domestic consumption and sales on the territory of the Customs Union.

  • Certification of goods for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union;
  • Certification of goods for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations on fire safety requirements;
  • Certification of goods in accordance with GOST R (Russian National Standard);
  • Obtaining the Certificate of the State registration;
  • Processing for FSTEC (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) documents: export control decision, license, grant of permission
  • Receiving letters of refusal;